Ordering lunch online is so “easy” in China!

We had a special group training day today, so we thought it would be convenient for us all to order lunch in and eat together. There were six of us in the group. I volunteered to coordinate the lunch orders. Easy, right?

I had the “great” idea to order from Subway. What could be easier than sandwiches, right?

After the pain of getting everyone’s order (turkey breast, 12-inch, whole wheat bread, lettuce, tomato, honey mustard dressing), then translating it into Chinese, it was time to place the order for the food. This would be the “easy” part.

I asked one of my LE Staff to call and place the order. I figured that way, we could avoid any phone drama.

The nice Subway people told the LE Staff that they couldn’t take the order over the phone, we had to do it online. It would be easier that way, they said.

They actually said that.

We found the website, and then saw on the home page that there was actually an iPhone app that was recommended.

Turned on my phone, downloaded the app. This was going to be easy!

Wrong app.

Looked for the right app.

While I was looking, the LE Staff figured out that she could place the order on the website after all. Easy!

So I stopped downloading the app.

Then there was a problem using the website.

So I started to download the app again.

This was getting easier and easier.

Then she figured out the website. We filled out the order. But we couldn’t put in the details (bread, toppings, etc). So we left a note in the comments box that we would call to add the details.

Hit the submit button.


Then I got a text message from Subway: my order was cancelled.

Called the store again, asking what was going on. Oh yeah, they said. You’re out of our delivery area.

Can we go pick up the order?

No, you can’t, they replied. The order was cancelled, remember?

So I went out and bought Baozi for everyone.

Much easier.

Not Subway, but definitely easier!

Not Subway, but definitely easier!

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