Thanks for the trash can…

The city provides trash cans in the city, but it seems that they all face the street. I guess it’s convenient. I guess I can picture the thinking of the city planners. When you’re driving down the street at top speed, you often suddenly have to throw out some trash. You can break to a stop in these super-crowded streets, open the window, lean waaaaay over the curb, and deposit the trash into the can. It makes sense. Sure it does.

Another tool to learn Vietnamese.

This is convenient. I can watch movies and study Vietnamese at the same time.

I learned a lot of Chinese using this technique, when I was living in Taiwan. I think this will be very useful for learning “real life” Vietnamese.

Apparently, Netflix detected my location in Vietnam, and added the option of Vietnamese subtitles.


I admire this guy's courage. Not for pissing in public. That's rude and disgusting, not admirable at all. But you have to hand it to a guy who is brave enough to piss on an electrical installation that is clearly labeled "high voltage."