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Sunset in Washington DC

Weird weather today 

Pouring down rain here, strange Mars-like sunset in the distance. Must be spring. 

Earth, April 6, 2017

Mars, May 19, 2005. Source:

Sunset after a storm

Sunset today was really pretty. 

The sun peeked through the sky at the end of an overcast day.

Another great sunset

About 4:45-5:45 pm. One hour compressed into 34 seconds.

Time-lapse sunset

Another experiment with the time-lapse setting on my phone. Next time it will be prettier, I promise.

Another beautiful sunset in Falls Church


Nice sunset tonight

I hope that I never take for granted the sunset views from my balcony. 

I have missed these.

Taken from the roof of DW’s building last night. 

Sunset: Sunday, January 20, 2014

5:27 pm