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January, 2017:

One month in, still winning

As of the end of January, I am just under 10% of the way toward my year’s goal of 2,017 kilometers for the year 2017. I’m on track to meet my goal.

Numbers are motivating to me. A spreadsheet with a bunch of formulas makes this more fun than I would have with plain numbers.

The goal is a challenge, but not an impossible one. My strategy is to run the same number of times that I used to run each week (3-4), and for the same amount of time (1 hour). I run faster, in order to get from 5 miles to 6.2 miles (10 kilometers) in an hour.

It’s motivating to keep track of the distance that I’ve covered. Gamification works for me. Instead of seeing exercising as torture, I look at the distance covered as “points” that I am earning.

We’ll see how I feel after a few more months, but so far, so good.

More snow pictures

Because it is so pretty this morning.

Good morning!

Snow in Falls Church. 


Walking under him was the scariest thing I did all day. 

The scary hawk patrolling the grounds of FSI.

Another great sunset

About 4:45-5:45 pm. One hour compressed into 34 seconds.

GPS doesn’t care how much it embarrasses you.

I went for a run today. I got a little lost. RunKeeper faithfully logged my route. In my defense, subdivisions in this neighborhood are really confusing. Plus, I have no sense of direction. Plus, my music was really loud. Plus, my feet hurt. Plus, I’m an idiot.

Looks like a preschooler went crazy with a red sharpie.

Time-lapse sunset

Another experiment with the time-lapse setting on my phone. Next time it will be prettier, I promise.

It’s been an honor. 

Thank you, Mr. President, Mr. Vice-President, Mr. Secretary. It has been an honor to serve under you. 

When there’s no color,…

…switch to monochrome.

Pedestrian bridge on the W&OD trail. Arlington, VA.

Good morning!