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Sometimes pollution is pretty

The air pollution index was high today. While it probably isn’t good for your lungs, it made the view from the American Center look nice.

Storm in Danang

We experienced a typhoon here in Danang. The center was farther south, we only got the outer rim of it. Just a lot of wind an rain. But the ocean had a lot to say.

In case you were wondering what “hyperbole” means…

First sunset worth sharing

We are in the rainy season right now in Vietnam, which means that it's cloudy a lot. Today's sunset was the first one that has been worth photographing.

Full double rainbow

This doesn’t suck. 

The Gathering Storm

Time lapse of the storm that rolled through tonight.


There was a terrific view of the moon from my apartment this morning. By adjusting the ISO of my camera, I was able to capture details of the face. 

This is a case for digital cameras. I don’t think that it’s possible to acquire this level of detail with a phone’s camera. 

Adjusted the white balance.

Weird weather today 

Pouring down rain here, strange Mars-like sunset in the distance. Must be spring. 

Earth, April 6, 2017

Mars, May 19, 2005. Source:

Such a deep blue sky today

I had to get out and take some photos of nature. The contrast with the dark shade of blue is really beautiful. These photos are untouched, not photoshopped. Straight from my iPhone camera.


We got a brief hailstorm on the way home from work today. I took this video from inside the shuttle van as we were driving past a small city park. Luckily for us in the van, we weren’t out in it. Other people weren’t so lucky. My bald head would not like to be hit by those big chunks of ice.

The hail stones were the size of large marbles. The storm didn’t last very long, it turned back to rain in just a few minutes.