Isle Royale is Still Awesome

This was my third trip to Isle Royale National Park, and I can’t wait to go back again.

We drove up to Copper Harbor, and took the Isle Royale Queen ferry to the island. The trip takes about 3 1/2 hours. We were luck to have perfect weather and smooth lake conditions.

01 Pre Boarding

Waiting to board the ferry in Copper Harbor



Once we arrived on the island, we had to hike 7 miles to our first stop, Daisy farm. The weather the first day was perfect. A lot of sunshine, and the wild flowers were in bloom.

02 The Trail

On the Rock Harbor Trail, heading west. The island is essentially a rock with some trees growing on it. The trail is very rugged and uneven.


The island is a wilderness area, and you have to carry everything that you will need on the trail: tent, sleeping bag, food, clothes, the works. Carrying a 30-plus pound pack on your back is tough work, no matter how good shape you’re in. Of course, taking a break and enjoying the scenery is part of the reason to visit the park.

Taking a break on the trail.

Taking a break on the trail. We are overlooking Rock Harbor and Lake Superior.

04 In The Shelter

Inside a shelter at Daisy Farm

Several campsites have three-walled shelters. Purists shun them in favor of sleeping in a tent, but I like to be able to spread out a bit, re-pack my bag, and be dry.

View of a shelter from the outside.

View of a shelter from the outside.

It rained briefly the morning of our second day, so it was nice to be able to wait it out while sitting in the shelter.

Next post: Moskey Basin.


I’m #5!

The language points that I earned last week have been added to my score, and my position on the registry has been updated. I was #37 when I was added to the registry, and now I am #5.

Invitations to the September class have been sent out (they were sent out two days before I took the language test, rage rage), so I missed that window of opportunity. Historically, there has not been a class in November, which means that the next class will probably be in January. Given the timetable for sending invitations out, invitations for a January class should be sent out in early November.