Want a screen protector? Go to Asia.

The last time I bought a screen protector in a cell phone store in the U.S., I think that it cost $17, plus I had to apply it myself. Approximately 17 air bubbles and an equal number of contributions to the swear jar later, I finally got the damn thing on.

Then I went to a cell phone shop in Asia. Oh, my. What a difference.

This morning I popped into a local cell phone store, and asked them to replace the screen protector on my phone. The nice young lady at the service counter pealed off the old film, used a cleaning solution to clean the front and back of my phone and my cell phone case, expertly put on the new protector (with absolutely no air bubbles), and handed it back to me.

The cost: 50,000 Vietnamese dong, about $2.20. Plus it comes with a three month guarantee. They will replace it for free if it gets scratched.

Fire-Breathing Dragon

A big bridge in the city of Da Nang, Vietnam is decorated to look like a dragon:

Here’s what the head looks like:

And if you have a dragon, then it should breathe fire, right? Right?!


Every Saturday and Sunday night at 9:00pm, the dragon breathes fire. Fake dragon, real fire:

It also squirts water, but we didn’t get close enough to see that. Maybe next week.

Or maybe not.