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Pop Psychology at its Most Confusing

The Chinese is not helpful, either: “Psychology Management Consulting Company, Inc.” I’m at a loss how the English name came out of that.

It took me a minute

Until I realized that they mean that it tastes very good.

Explanation, please.

Move over, spork…

…knork is here!

Happy New Year!

Taiwan welcomes the Year of the Dog. Tainan is as beautiful as it’s always been.

Taiwan street food win

Taiwan street food may have reached a new pinnacle.

Hey, what’s that? It looks like they’re making pizza.


Holy crap, it IS pizza!



Grandpa is in charge of slicing and boxing.



Al fresco pizza making.


Taiwan is an island of food geniuses.

Put the pee where it should be!

Urinals in a department store bathroom have these signs posted above, at eye level. Apparently there is a problem with accuracy, so these signs are an attempt to direct the pee to its intended destination.

You can lean in a little. Really, it's no problem, you can lean in closer.

You can lean in a little. Really, it’s no problem, you can lean in closer.

Even though you are full of self-confidence, please take a step forward.

Even though you are full of self-confidence, please take a step forward.

What does a crowded train sound like?

One way to discover the strength of a society is to see how its people act when things go wrong.

The day before the new year holiday, we traveled down to the city of Tainan. Because of the big earthquake, the high-speed train was not running. Everyone who had tickets on the high-speed train (us) had the option of standing on the regular train. It was crowded and hot, and standing on the train was tiring. Nevertheless, all of the passengers behaved like civilized people. Passengers with seats gave them to women carrying babies.

We couldn’t believe how quiet everyone was. I shot a short video clip of inside the train car to show how civilized people behave under inconvenient circumstances. Turn up your speakers, because it’s hard to hear anything at all.

Now imagine what it would sound like in a similar train if this were shot on a train in a different country.

No thanks.

Honey roast apple banana pizza?

This story is no bull

During the recent hike in the mountains of Taiwan, we happened on a farm. The setting was absolutely gorgeous.


Being a traditional farm, there were some buffalo that are used to help plow the fields. They were relaxing in a mud wallow.

Minding their own business.

Minding their own business.

Because we were with Taiwanese people, who love to take their picture with fun things, everyone thought that it would be a good idea to have our picture taken in front of the buffalo.

No one asked the buffalo their opinion.

That was our first mistake.


The buffalo seem to be getting a little uneasy at this point.

We managed to get a good group shot with the buffalo without any drama. The buffalo snorted a little at us, but we figured that everything would be all right.

That was our second mistake.

Then someone had the brilliant idea to take a jumping shot. Let’s all jump into the air at the same time, someone suggested. It would be really cool.

Get ready, get set...

Get ready, get set…

That was our third mistake.

The sound of ten people with full backpacks all jumping into the air at the same time startled the buffalo. The buffalo were behind us, we couldn’t see them, but we heard the splashing sound of three heavy buffalo jumping out of their mud wallow.

All that I could think of was the famous running of the bulls in Pamplona, and how someone always gets skewered in the buttocks. I did not want to get skewed in the buttocks, and apparently neither did any of my hiking companions, because we all screamed like little girls and ran away as fast as we could.

See how there are no people anywhere near the buffalo in this shot?

See how there are no people anywhere near the buffalo in this shot?


Don’t mess with Taiwanese water buffalo.

The farmer showed up a few minutes later, and laughed at us when we told him our story. Then he told us to have a nice day, and went back to work.

We all swore never to speak of the incident again.