New Year party

The Consulate held its annual party to celebrate what they call Spring Festival here in China, but which I am more used to calling Chinese New Year.


There were the usual speeches,…


…then there were some performances.

I have to confess something: I am a tiny bit of a ham. Not a lot, just a little. Really. Stop laughing. I like to get on stage and make people laugh. So when there was the opportunity to sing a song and dance of stage, I admit that I sort of volunteered.

The point of the performances was to have a good time. In that spirit, I was looking forward to hamming it up on stage. Nathan, who is also a good sport, and I were the lead singers for our rendition of the Little Apple song.

This is what we normally look like. In my case, the word "normal" should be interpreted with the broadest possible meaning.

This is what we normally look like. In my case, the word “normal” should be interpreted in the broadest possible sense of the word.

In the interest of good taste, I won’t share the video of the performance here, but here are some screen shots:





In my case, even green hair is an improvement!

After the performances, it was time to eat. The New Year holiday is an opportunity to really feast. We ate very well. And drank. And to be honest, there was a little, tiny bit of drinking before the performances. Just a little. I promise.


I can’t wait until next year’s party. I have already picked out the skit that I want to do.

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