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Oh, crap…

…I’m one of “those people.”

The Gathering Storm

Time lapse of the storm that rolled through tonight.


There was a terrific view of the moon from my apartment this morning. By adjusting the ISO of my camera, I was able to capture details of the face. 

This is a case for digital cameras. I don’t think that it’s possible to acquire this level of detail with a phone’s camera. 

Adjusted the white balance.

Happiness is…

…food trucks. 

More snow pictures

Because it is so pretty this morning.

Good morning!

Snow in Falls Church. 


Walking under him was the scariest thing I did all day. 

The scary hawk patrolling the grounds of FSI.

GPS doesn’t care how much it embarrasses you.

I went for a run today. I got a little lost. RunKeeper faithfully logged my route. In my defense, subdivisions in this neighborhood are really confusing. Plus, I have no sense of direction. Plus, my music was really loud. Plus, my feet hurt. Plus, I’m an idiot.

Looks like a preschooler went crazy with a red sharpie.

When there’s no color,…

…switch to monochrome.

Pedestrian bridge on the W&OD trail. Arlington, VA.

Good morning!