Website problems and visa delays

My website was having some responsiveness problems over the last several days. You may have noticed it. I logged a troubleshooting ticket with my hosting service, and the good technical support people managed to find and fix the problem. So the site should be back to normal now. Happy face.

My diplomatic visa has still not been issued. The office at the State Department that helps with passports and visas recommended making a trip to the China visa office and asking in person. They said that sometimes helps. So the three of us who are all heading to China at the same time made the trip this morning. One of my classmates was lucky. He had applied for his visa a few days before me, and his visa was ready. Mine was not. Sad face.

I am scheduled to leave for China next week. If my visa isn’t ready in time, I will have to change a lot of my arrangements, and that will cause some inconvenience for a lot of people. I’ve arranged to consult with the Department of Homeland Security office and Customs and Border Protection  in California on my way to China. In addition, my future coworkers in China are meeting me at the airport. Worried face.

I do not like not being in control. Of my website or my visa. Angry face.

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