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Korea is a wonderful and strange place

Dismayed that there is a need to say this.

Want some breafast with your beakrfast?

When the three Rs is aiming too low

This university aims high.  It simply isn’t enough that Johnny can read. 

Doesn’t matter how much you tomato,…

… it will all be in vain.

Second thoughts after the castration?

I’m confused 

Explanation, please.

Challenge Accepted 

I will not use you, condiment, and we will see just how indispensable you really are.

I don’t want that in my soup in the first place!

Something’s not right here.

Just for fun, I put the essay that I wrote for Vietnamese class into Google’s translation engine. Here’s the English version of my masterpiece:

She Yoko with you more. He is not your South Yoko. He thinks Yoko cleans her, and she wanted GEP. He asked her South Yoko She’s the brown water. She answered her Yoko is Japanese.

British Male GEP you want more. He asked Yoko, England Tom was. She Yoko answered, he is Tom. She Yoko nhgi, British Men who do not know Tom. She Yoko help British Male understand what Tom is prolific. Anh Nam nice to meet Tom, UK South have you much.

Obviously, Google’s translation engine is broken.