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April, 2016:

Either this doesn’t make sense, or I’m out of touch.


I wouldn’t photoshop this in, even if I could.

I really wish this were a joke, but it isn’t. Seen today on the streets of Shenyang.   

Unite, United Union!


How I reset my Windows password

I’m a Mac user, but I have Windows running (via Bootcamp) for those rare times when I need to use Windows. Those times are very rare. So rare that yesterday when I needed to boot into Windows, I had a big problem: I forgot my Windows password.

I’m usually good a remembering my passwords, because I have a mental system for generating secure passwords that are easy for me to remember. But in this case, my system failed. I just couldn’t remember my password, so I couldn’t get into my Windows partition.

So I asked my friend the Internet for some help. My friend the Internet knows just about everything, and it solved my problem for me. After a few misses, I found success with the utility program called the “Offline Windows Password & Registry Editor.”

I downloaded the ISO (CD image) file, burned it to a CD, then booted my computer from the CD. The program found my Windows partition, and cleared the password. I was then able to log into Windows. Success!

The program didn’t show me my password, though. It erased it and let me log in without a password. So although I was able to get into Windows, I don’t know what the old password was. That’s a little annoying. I would have liked to have known what the password was, so that I could reverse-engineer my thinking when I made the password. If I knew what I was thinking, I could possible avoid making that mistake again. Oh well…

So. True.


The longest hallway in Asia

Yesterday I visited a university that boasts the longest hallway in Asia. It’s just shy of a half-mile long. 

That is all. 

April snow showers

It’s 41℉ and snowing in Shenyang. Why not?

Luckynight Paris


Taiwan street food win

Taiwan street food may have reached a new pinnacle.

Hey, what’s that? It looks like they’re making pizza.


Holy crap, it IS pizza!



Grandpa is in charge of slicing and boxing.



Al fresco pizza making.


Taiwan is an island of food geniuses.

Then don’t put words on your butt.