I have tamed my cables

Nerd Alert: this post is about a product that will appeal to nerds (and possibly only to nerds).

I have a lot of electronics cables: power cords, connection cords, headphones, etc. It’s important to tame your cords, otherwise you may end up with a terrible mess. This is especially important to me, for some reason. I just can’t stand messy cables.

Photo source: Simon Brass via Flickr

Don’t let this happen to you!  Photo source: Simon Brass via Flickr

For years, I used metal twist ties that you use to close garbage bags. They are ugly and break eventually. They get the job done, but it isn’t an elegant solution.

ugly ugly ugly!

ugly ugly ugly!

Several months ago, I found these cable tamers. I love love love them. They are tough, durable and reusable.

They come in different sizes. I bought a box of 3-inch ties. I use them for my phone charging cord, headphones, and various USB charging cables.

tamed cables!

tamed cables!

My cables are tamed, and my control-freak, borderline OCD need to tame my cables is satisfied. Cheaper than therapy, and less stigma than Prozac!

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