One year after The Call

It was one year ago today that I received an offer to join the Foreign Service. It has been an incredible experience so far, just as interesting, life-altering, challenging and rewarding as I had hoped it would be. Every day, from my first day in this job, has been a different experience. I can honestly say that this job hasn’t bored me once yet.

I really wanted this job. I can remember the feeling of anticipation as I was waiting to get the job offer.  I was in a job that was nice, but not challenging or rewarding. I couldn’t wait to get started on my new career. Some days, the wait was agonizing. Now that I’m here, I cherish this opportunity to use my skills and knowledge, to learn, to serve, to experience.

I’ve done so much, met so many new amazing and inspiring people, seen and heard so many things that I never would have in another career path. I’ve covered a lot of ground and traveled far (figuratively and literally), but the time seems to have passed so quickly.

The initial training in DC was an eye-opening experience. Living in our country’s capital city for several months was thrilling. And now I’m in China, my first choice for my first post. The past six months has been another educational journey.

Remember how you felt on Christmas morning, sitting on the floor by the tree, surrounded by all of the goodies that Santa brought you? I have had that feeling every day for a year now.

Life is good.


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