A Visa and a Needle (something I want and something I don’t want)

Still no visa. I went to the Chinese embassy’s visa office yesterday to check. After waiting in the wrong line for 15 minutes, I realized my mistake, then got in the right line. When it was my turn, the clerk thumbed through the plastic tub that contained stacks of American passports. A couple of times, I thought that she was picking up mine. No luck, though. She looked at me like I had a disease, and told me “not ready yet.” She seemed to believe that I was at fault for my visa not being ready yet.

So, no visa, and three days before leaving town. That was stressful. I was on pins and needles. There was no time for panic, though, because I had an appointment on the other side of town.

I had to rush back to FSI to get three more shots at the health unit.

From figurative pins and needles to facing a real needle.

Even though I didn’t have a large lunch, was stressed about the visa, and was tired from traveling from Michigan that morning, I handled the shots with no dizziness or fainting.

I am a masculine man.

One who doesn’t yet have a visa.

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