Spending the day at Main State today

Most of our training happens at a special training center in Arlington, Virginia. Occasionally, we go to other locations. Today, we are spending the entire day at “Main State,” the main State Department building in Washington, D.C., in a district called “Foggy Bottom.”

We will attend area studies lectures from experts and officials who are responsible for the world areas.

We are also learning State Department protocol. When a VIP enters the room to speak, everyone is to stand and applaud as the person enters. What’s a VIP? Anyone at the Assistant Secretary level and up.

I’m planning to do a lot of standing and applauding today. It’s interesting and exciting to listen to people who are directly involved in creating and implementing U.S. foreign policy.

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  1. Seriously? Standing up and applauding when some muckety-muck enters the room??? “Oh wow sir, thank you for gracing us as with your presence! I’m so excited that you deigned to be seen in the same room with such an unworthy collection of peons. Thank you for being you!!!”

    Dude… I so could not thrive there.

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