A lot of people in the class are sick. There is a bad cold going around. When eight-seven people spend the entire day crowded into a small room, sitting very close to each other, disease spreads easily.

There is a Chinese trick to fight off a cold: as soon as you start to feel the symptoms, you drink a tea made from ginger root and brown sugar. You have to drink it quickly, while it’s hot. The ginger is very spicy, maybe it’s a combination of that and the hot temperature that stops the infection from making you sick. If you do this early enough, you can nip the cold in the bud.

I did the ginger tea trick last week, when I started to feel a scratchy throat, and it seems to have knocked the cold out. I’m also taking lots of Vitamin C, staying hydrated, getting sleep, and exercising. With luck, those things will keep me healthy.

Fingers crossed.

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