Arrived in Washington for Training

My flight from Lansing to Washington went smoothly. Sun Country airlines has a direct flight to DC. We landed a little after 9:00 pm, ahead of schedule, in Reagan National Airport. The taxi to Oakwood apartments, where I will stay during training, took about 15 minutes. A good thing about arriving late at night is there was no traffic at all. The last time I drove in DC, last June, it took me an hour to go just a few miles.

The apartment is pretty nice. It reminds me of the Cherry Lane apartments on MSU campus, where we lived for five years. This apartment is actually a little bigger than the little apartment that we lived in. I will post pictures later, when I have time. If you go to the company’s website ( you can see pictures of the Falls Church property. Those pictures are accurate.

I have to leave in a few minutes to catch a shuttle to the main State Department building in DC. We will be inducted, then spend the day filling out paperwork. It will probably not be an exciting day. I will write a recap with pictures in my next post.

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