Getting anxious about packing out

The State Department contracts with packing companies to help new hires pack up their belongings and ship them to wherever it sends its Foreign Service officers. We are keeping the house, so I don’t have a lot of things to pack. My couch, refrigerator, bed, are all saying in East Lansing. Still, there are some things that I don’t need right now, but will want eventually, such as books and summer clothes. I was given very explicit instructions not to pack my own household things, the packing company has to do it. This rule probably has to do with the need to use appropriate packing materials, the need to balance the weight of packages, and the like.

The company that was assigned to do my things is located in Indianapolis. They were hit with the same snopocalypse, so they were out of the office yesterday (Monday). I left a voicemail and email, and asked them to call me today (Tuesday) ASAP, because my pack-out day is scheduled for tomorrow.


A pattern is emerging for how the government makes arrangements. The pattern seems to be: wait, wait, wait, wait, do it now!

Getting used to this pattern will be hard for a Type-A personality who likes to be independent and in control.

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