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May, 2016:

Somebody, alert the copyright lawyers.

Oh, the irony

Thanks to TT for the contribution.

Who is this Kiraso person?


It happened again today

I was busy doing four things at once: discussing my annual performance review with my manager, conducting a fraud investigation into a person that I interviewed this morning who turned out to be an alien smuggler, finishing a “cable” on a summer program where foreign college students can go to America for a work and travel program, and analyzing the work trends for the last month. 

As I was walking through our big, crowded office, unconsciously eavesdropping on the five visa interviews that were happening along one wall of the office, making my way back to my desk, smiling to all my coworkers as we passed each other, I realized that I am working in the coolest job that I’ve ever had.

I’m in denial about leaving this post in three weeks. 

Whynot indeed?

The great mind can get pretty hungrey.

Oh, the irony

I hope I’m not the only one who sees the irony of a Chinese edition of this book.m