What’s better than gourmet coffee?

Free gourmet coffee, of course!

After getting a haircut today, I realized that my favorite local roastery is in the same building as the barbershop. How awesome is that? Two of my favorite places in the same spot.

Because I live a charmed life, where only good things happen to me, the coffee place was celebrating their second anniversary today, and was giving away free coffee.

We tried a few of their special roasts, and a lite coconut pudding.  The two brews were very different from each other, and different from most coffees that we’ve had.  I liked the Bourbon Natural more than the Catimor Black Honey, but they were both really good (note: bourbon is a type of coffee bean.  Not a whisky-soaked bean.  But I like your thinking).

Can’t beat the presentation: the coffee was made in using the pour-over method.
Loved the wooden serving tray.


I buy whole beans and grind them myself.


Buying beans wasn’t in my original plan, but since I got two free cups of coffee, I would have felt guilty if I walked out empty-handed. So I bought a half-pound of beans. Even though the shop got money from me in the end, I think I got the better deal in the end.


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