Big construction project

Be careful what you wish for.

Behind our apartment building is an empty lot. It’s a blighted property. Having a vacant lot in an upscale part of town is clearly a wasted opportunity. Several times since we moved in, we commented that it’s a shame that such an ugly, littered, dirty lot is visible right outside our bedroom window.

But we were not happy to receive notice from our building management that construction was to begin on a new multistory building, and that construction was to last for TWO YEARS.

So we’re going to endure the noise and dust of a construction project that will eventually block our view of the sunset, and the building will be finished just in time for my tour to be over and leave Vietnam.

The view from my bedroom window. The red carpet is for a ground-breaking ceremony. Then it rained hard and the red carpet got all muddy. I did not feel sorry for them.

But wait: it gets worse. Because of local ordinances prohibiting big trucks on the streets during the day, a lot of the excavation has to happen at night.

Vroom vroom! I’m a construction vehicle keeping people up at 2:00 am.

It’s gonna be a long two years…

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