I went to necktie paradise

We spend the holiday weekend in the city of Hoi An (Há»™i An). It’s a very charming old town with amazing old architecture, and a very nice beach.

The town has a tradition of making clothes. There are a lot of tailor shops, where you can get anything made from just a photograph. My wife had a beautiful formal dress made for her. I didn’t think I needed anything, so I just watched.

Later, we were walking in the old town, when we came across a small shop that sells neckties. The person working in the shop said that it’s a family business.

I picked out five ties, including a bow tie to match my wife’s new dress, and we practiced our Vietnamese with the people in the shop. After I chose the five ties that I wanted, the shopkeepers chose a sixth one for me, asked if I liked it, and said that it was a gift for me, because I spoke Vietnamese.

So I walked out of the store with six new neckties, for a total price of US$22.

I wholeheartedly recommend this shop to everyone. I asked them for a name card, so I could spread the word, but they said they don’t have one. The store doesn’t even have a name, it’s just the front room in their house. But if you want to find it, here’s the address:

Dường Trần Phú 146

Tỉnh Quảng Nam

Há»™i An

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