Terrifying insect situation

We all have our fears. When it comes to tropical insects, I am what is known as a “wimp.” Ironic, considering I really wanted to move to a tropical country (I am also what is known as an “idiot”).

We live across the street from a large urban park. With trees and flowers. Which means insects. Plus we live in a tropical country. Which means tropical insects. Which of course are terrifying.

The building next to our apartment has these…growths under the ledge. How I wish that I didn’t see them.

What the crap is that under the ledge?

Because it is terrifying. Like something from a science fiction horror movie.

Is that a wasp nest?!

We asked the building management to address the situation in what, to my mind, would be the most responsible way possible:


But they told us that they were honeybee hives. And that they are everywhere near and in the park. I’m not sure if that was supposed to comfort me (it didn’t).

Look closely. There are three hives in that tree.


Less terrifying, but not much.

They say that the best way to overcome a phobia is extended exposure. Psychologists call it “de-sensitization.” Thanks, but if that means getting closer to these horrors, I’ll stay sensitive.

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