I checked off another item on my bucket list

When I was in high school, I saw the concert movie: “The Secret Policeman’s Other Ball,” which had several skits by Monty Python. One of the skits made me laugh so hard I almost lost control of my bladder.

Ever since then, I’ve wanted to perform the skit.

When my sons were old enough, I proposed performing it with them, but they refused. Can’t blame them, who wants to make themselves look silly on stage? But, I was still left with this unfulfilled goal.

Finally, I saw my big chance. Every year the Consulate throws a party to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Consulate staff are invited to be part of a talent/variety show. Last year I made a fool of myself in a green wig. This year, I enlisted two colleagues who are good sports and willing to indulge the weird fantasies of a strange little man.

I waited more than 30 years to do this. It was great. Thanks to S and D for making my dream come true!

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