Diplomatting about American Marriages

The Consulate here in Shenyang holds a lecture every Thursday night. Members of the Consulate community share information about American culture. For the public, it’s an opportunity to hear a lecture in English, interact with Americans, and learn more about America. For monomaniacal loudmouths like me, it’s an opportunity to spout off on things that we are interested in.

This week, my wife and I talked about intercultural marriage. We shared some statistics about the number of interracial marriages in America, some of the (not so good) history regarding relevant laws, and then spent most of the time talking about our own personal experiences with marrying across cultural borders.

During the Q&A, the questions that the audience asked were mostly very respectful and thoughtful. Some people asked if we experienced opposition from our families, some people asked about bridging cultural gaps regarding raising our children. It was a good opportunity for us to share our (mostly good) experience in a multiracial marriage in America.

Plus, I got to talk. Which I love to do.




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