The Falon Gong called again.

Every once in a while I get a phone call from the Falon Gong. The phone call is a recording, relating how the Falon Gong is great, and the Chinese government illegally oppresses the organization. 

The recording opens with how a former president was indicted by the world court for crimes against humanity (not true). Then several accusations follow about illegal incarceration and torture of Falon Gong members (probably true).

I’m always surprised that the Falon Gong is active in China. They risk imprisonment without a trial if they get caught proselytizing and criticizing the government. I imagine that they are using throwaway phone numbers to make the calls. What they’re doing is dangerous.

About three minutes into the call, the recording invites me to renounce my membership in the communist party. I can indicate that I renounce membership by pressing the pound key on my phone.

I was interested in renouncing my non membership in the communist party, so I pressed the pound key, but when I pressed the pound key, the system told me that I pressed the wrong key. Maybe they didn’t test the system before putting it into service, and maybe no one has ever gotten so far into the recording before without hanging up. Well, I did my part and indicated that I was quitting the Chinese communist party, and if their system isn’t capable of recording my vote, or if they say that they’re interested but really aren’t, well then maybe the Falon Gong is more like the communist party than they realize. I’m just saying.

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