The search continues…

…for a palatable airplane meal. This time, I chose “Asian Vegetarian.”

From China to the US, the food wasn’t bad.

Dinner: random Indian yellow goop. Spicy and tasty.

Dinner: random Indian yellow goop. Spicy and tasty.


Snack: tomato and cucumber sandwich, apple. Not bad.


Lunch: fried noodles, salad, fruit. Not bad.

From the U.S. to China was where things went bad.


The best meal of the flight: a Bloody Mary to steel my nerves for what is to come.


Lunch: tofu teriyaki, flavorful and interesting. The noodles were terribly overcooked. Yuck. Salad and fruit were OK.


I had to read the package to know what I was “eating.”


Snack: carrots and grapes. Not bad, but boring.


“Breakfast:” the same Falawful that I had with the halal meal a few months ago. Yuck! Salad and fruit.

So far, it seems that food on flights out of China is OK. The food that originates from the U.S. is pretty bad.

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