I was a victim of a cartjacking

Not a carjacking, a cartjacking. Let me explain.

I went to Ikea today. About halfway through the store, with a half-dozen items in my cart, I got a little lost, so I decided to consult a map of the store. The map was right next to a busy part the store. In order to avoid being That Guy and having my cart block traffic, I very considerately parked my cart off in a side aisle, and walked over to the map.

Silly me: I abandoned my cart for more than ten seconds.

I figured out where I was and where I wanted to go, and turned back to get my cart.

My cart was gone.

I looked around, and spotted a some people pushing my cart down the aisle, putting their items into it. I figured that it was an honest mistake. Surely they will soon look into the cart, realize that it isn’t theirs, and return the cart to me, I thought to myself. So I stood where my cart was, with a bemused smile on my face, and waited for them to return my cart to me.

Silly me: I forgot that I was in China.

They did indeed realize that it wasn’t their cart, but instead of returning it to where they found it, they started to remove my items, and to dump them into a nearby basket! Then they wheeled off with my cart! I was so dumfounded, I almost didn’t have time to react and take a photo of their crime.

Caught in the act!

Cartjackers: caught in the act!

After retrieving my items, I thought about confronting the cartjackers, but then I figured that it wasn’t a big deal. I didn’t become a diplomat so that I could fight with Chinese cart thieves. I have bigger fish to fry. I could carry my items to the checkout area.

Silly me: I forgot that I was buying ceramic bowls and glasses, and that I was in the middle of an Ikea.

My arms are very tired now.

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