Urban hiking in Hong Kong

In the past, whenever I thought of Hong Kong, I thought of one big shopping mall. No longer. Now I realize that there is natural tropical island beauty in Hong Kong as well.

We started our nature hike on the subway, of all places.

20140706-144742-53262285.jpgAfter about 40 minutes on the subway, we reached the end of the line, and started the hike.

20140706-144847-53327282.jpgIn no time, we left the city, and started climbing the approximately 34 million stairs up a mountain.

20140706-144847-53327954.jpgOur efforts were rewarded with some spectacular views of the city.

20140706-144848-53328431.jpgThe trail quickly led us away from the city, and we started walking through some serious nature.


20140706-145458-53698977.jpgOur path was the “Dragon’s Back” trail that runs along a mountain range.

20140706-145459-53699366.jpgThe trail ended at a beach town, where we ate lunch and then (30 minutes later, I promise) we went for a swim in the ocean.

20140706-150048-54048985.jpgIt was very hot and humid, we sweat a lot, but the views were spectacular. After breathing polluted city air for two months, my lungs were grateful for the clean mountain air.

I can’t wait to go back to Hong Long and do some more urban hiking. My wife will love it, too. Honey, what do you say, is it a date?


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