Snow Day, 2.0

Today we had a snow day. The big storm that came through last night was big even by Michigan standards. All federal government offices in Washington DC are closed for the day, and that includes our training class. We had a snow day back in January, so this is the second snow day that we have had to accommodate.

This is a problem for the training class, because the schedule is very full, and there isn’t any flexibility built in. The coordinators already had a heckuva time trying to reschedule the classes that we missed on our last snow day. I feel that we just got caught up this past week. Now, with only one more week after this in the training program, I fear they will not be able to reschedule everything.

Tomorrow is Flag Day, the day when our first tour assignments are announced. My family is flying in to DC to be there for the event, and a lot of my classmates’ families are coming in, too. It would be a real shame if the government was closed tomorrow, two, and we had to reschedule the event. Looking at the weather today, I don’t think it will be closed tomorrow. As long as we don’t get anymore snow, I think we will be back on schedule tomorrow.

Assuming the trains are running today, I would like to get out of the apartment and try to do a little window shopping. I don’t like being cooped up in my apartment. Especially when there’s a big city out there to explore.

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