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Mom, look away…

My mother isn’t a fan of cantaloupe. So I didn’t buy this for her. If she ever makes me mad, though…,


Control your barf reflex

Avocado smoothies are delicious. Thanks for broadening my horizons, Vietnam!

Full English breakfast in Vietnam

There’s a tiny restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City called “The Hungry Pig.” If bacon plays an important role in your life, then I can recommend this place to you.



After. Tummy so happy.

This will take some getting used to. 

I really like Vietnamese food, and Vietnamese beer isn’t bad. But I’m afraid that it will be hard to get used to big chunks of ice in my beer. 

Why choose?

When you can have both?

Taiwanese and Vietnamese coffee!

Happiness is…

…food trucks. 

You haven’t had a cookie

Until you’ve had a cookie at the National Building Museum. 

Also, the building itself is magnificent. Almost as impressive as the cookies. 

When will this madness end?

The pumpkin spice craze is getting out of hand. 

All I want for Christmas

Is this cup of hazelnut coffee, made with real hazelnuts, with a splash of egg nog added to it. 

God Bless America

I dream about this when I live abroad.