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March, 2019:

This Guy is Braver than Me

I often saw the “Beijing Bikini” when I was working in China. I don’t know if it has spread to Vietnam, or it originated here. Either way, this guy is rocking the look with confidence.

If you’ve got it, flaunt it!

Speedy Delivery

You never know what you’ll see when out and about in Vietnam.  This looks like a pretty efficient way to deliver a bicycle, even though it doesn’t look completely safe…


Isn’t it romantic?

Spotted in a grocery store in Jakarta.

Positive Peer Pressure

This sign is posted in a bathroom stall at work, encouraging people to sit on the toilet, and not treat it like a “squaty potty.”

I’ve seen it before in Asia; it appears often in China, for example, where many bathrooms have stalls with squat toilets as well as stalls with “foreign” toilets. I guess some “country people” (their words, not mine) have never seen a western style toilet, and so treat it like a squat toilet.

That behavior apparently rubs some people the wrong way here in Vietnam. The sign in the bathroom stall was annotated with some additional information:

“Human don’t do this”

Supreme goods

Shut up and take my money.