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March, 2019:

Speedy Delivery

You never know what you’ll see when out and about in Vietnam.  This looks like a pretty efficient way to deliver a bicycle, even though it doesn’t look completely safe…


Isn’t it romantic?

Spotted in a grocery store in Jakarta.

Positive Peer Pressure

This sign is posted in a bathroom stall at work, encouraging people to sit on the toilet, and not treat it like a “squaty potty.”

I’ve seen it before in Asia; it appears often in China, for example, where many bathrooms have stalls with squat toilets as well as stalls with “foreign” toilets. I guess some “country people” (their words, not mine) have never seen a western style toilet, and so treat it like a squat toilet.

That behavior apparently rubs some people the wrong way here in Vietnam. The sign in the bathroom stall was annotated with some additional information:

“Human don’t do this”

Supreme goods

Shut up and take my money.