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December, 2015:

Someone contact the Whizzo Chocolate Company!

The name of this chocolate is “Crunchy Shark.” I am not making this up. 


I hope that it isn’t crunchy because they left the bones in!

The true meaning of Christmas

Lately, several visa applicants have been telling me that they want to go to America to experience a true American Christmas. Oh really? I ask. Where do you want to go to get this true American Christmas experience? Lately, the answer has often been: Las Vegas.

I still think that this answer is funny, but it started to make more sense when I saw the Christmas decorations in the lobby of my building.





Apparently, by some twisted thinking, “Christmas in Vegas” has become a thing in China.


Endless, physical, training, snowflying downwear!


This is also modern China

A few blocks off the main street, with its high rise building and international companies, you can still find traditional wet markets. This part of China is a fascinating combination of old and new.


Chop that Lamb

Buying lamb in the halal market this morning. Our friend asked the guy to slice the lamb for her. This is what she got.

Do you ever feel like you’re being watched?

My lunch the other day. 

Protected: I don’t usually get choked up at the visa window

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