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September, 2017:

I know it’s probably two different things, but…

I kinda want to see what a “motorbike laundry” would be. Especially the automatic kind.

I went to necktie paradise

We spend the holiday weekend in the city of Hoi An (Hội An). It’s a very charming old town with amazing old architecture, and a very nice beach.

The town has a tradition of making clothes. There are a lot of tailor shops, where you can get anything made from just a photograph. My wife had a beautiful formal dress made for her. I didn’t think I needed anything, so I just watched.

Later, we were walking in the old town, when we came across a small shop that sells neckties. The person working in the shop said that it’s a family business.

I picked out five ties, including a bow tie to match my wife’s new dress, and we practiced our Vietnamese with the people in the shop. After I chose the five ties that I wanted, the shopkeepers chose a sixth one for me, asked if I liked it, and said that it was a gift for me, because I spoke Vietnamese.

So I walked out of the store with six new neckties, for a total price of US$22.

I wholeheartedly recommend this shop to everyone. I asked them for a name card, so I could spread the word, but they said they don’t have one. The store doesn’t even have a name, it’s just the front room in their house. But if you want to find it, here’s the address:

Dường Trần Phú 146

Tỉnh Quảng Nam

Hội An

I beg to differ

I’m happy to give it a try…

“Only God can judge me”

Is it art?

Is it like a Jackson Pollock painting?

Or is it just part of an old and decrepit wall?

Does the truth about the nature of something negate its potential to be art?

We all do