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March, 2016:

Chips, again

Just when you thought it was safe to have chips, here are some new horrifying favors:

Just what the hell is Italian red meat, anyway?!


My bicycle going all the way, too!


My mother’s nightmare

Cantaloupe flavored gum. Horrifying, isn’t it, Mom?

China: where “plain” isn’t an option

Want some chips in China? Great, hope you are feeling brave, because you are in for a wild ride.


I wish I were as brave as this guy

To have so much self-confidence that you don’t care if the whole world sees you looking this ridiculous.

Or maybe he lost a bet.  Either way, he wins today. 


Holy crap what’s that?!

No, it isn’t something from a Ripley Scott movie, it’s just another horrifying building in China.

Bonus points to the first person who identifies the train station.



Beau tufi1


Humility and arrogance in the same sentence


The girl is fair game, though. 

 Thanks to LH for the contribution