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October, 2015:

Whatever happened to plain old soap?

I don’t think that my life needs moist and pure lotus flower rice soap. That’s too many words in fron of the work “soap.”

Enjoy your rice day

Enjoy your rice day

Whip your face into shape!


Hallelujah, it’s shampoo!


I guess you can have it both ways, after all…

In China, you can have flavored plain yogurt. Take that, world!

Flavored plain yogurt.

Flavored plain yogurt.

As dangerous as a blood clot?


You didn’t even give me the chance to ask first…

A walk in Dalian

We took a short two-day trip down to Dalian this weekend. The weather was beautiful and because most businesses were shut down for the national day holiday, the air quality was terrific.

Dalian is a coastal town, located on a peninsula in the Bohai Sea (circled in red in the map below).


We ate some good seafood, and found a nice walking trail that follows along the ocean, goes up a mountain, and then descends down again to the ocean.





Several people were taking advantage of the great weather to take their wedding pictures on the beach. We enjoyed the show.





One of my coworkers likes Dalian so much that he often travels there for weekend getaways. He says it’s because he’s from California, and can’t stand to be away from the ocean. After this weekend, I can appreciate how he feels.

And it’s hard to find in China!


Public education campaigns can rhyme!


Go to the lourge?

To blow some drinks?