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June, 2015:

It happened

Three days. He was evicted from the piano. 

You aren’t selling it, buddy.

Hot Love

Hot Love

It’s the best direction, after all…


Right back atcha, buddy!


Taking bets

E played the piano that sits in the lobby of our building. He played beautifully, of course, but he is not an employee of the hotel, and his playing was unauthorized.  How long do you think it will be until we see a new sign on the piano, telling people not to play it?

Tower of Mango Slushy

Why doesn’t love a good mango slushy? And who doesn’t love a mango slushy that is so tall, it makes you think to yourself: “Holy sh*t, how am I ever going to finish this whole thing?”

Tower of Mango Slushy

Tower of Mango Slushy

“Water Boil Fish”

Spicy as heck fish, swimming in a broth flavored with peppercorns and dried hot peppers. Delivered to our table, still boiling in the ceramic dish that it was cooked in.

R and M, you guys would approve! Yum yum!

The tastiest Wolverine in the ‘Yang

Meat on a stick is a wonderful thing, and what makes it even wonderfuller is being able to imitate The Wolverine from X-Men with your meaty sticks.

You shouldn't play with your food, but you can pose with it.

You shouldn’t play with your food, but you can pose with it.

Um…what now?

Broken Ankles

Broken Ankles

How Often?

Ever Day

Ever Day