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October 10th, 2014:

Bad air

Time to start wearing the special face masks that filter out the nastiness from the local air.


Not helpful, brain!

I’ve been focusing on learning Chinese idioms 成語, four-character phrases that have a story behind them. Well-educated Chinese people include these references in their speech. It’s an indicator of education, and the phrases also can express detailed ideas in a succinct manner.

Last night in a dream, I heard a person use an idiom that means “learning something from scratch without any help or reference to how it’s been done before.” What a great idiom! I thought to myself. In my dream, I practiced writing the idiom several times so that I wouldn’t forget it.

And it worked. When I woke up, I still remembered the idiom. I looked for it in my dictionary. It wasn’t there.  Not surprisingly, dreaming of something does not make it become real.

But I still remember this non-existent idiom. And I fear that it’s occupying space in my memory where a real idiom could be stored.

Thanks for nothing, brain.


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