Taiwanese coffee place, in Shenyang

Taiwanese coffee chain 85° has a branch in town (if you followed my blog when I was on my Fulbright year in Taiwan, you might remember my post about sea salt coffee). They sell coffee, tea, Taiwanese bread and cakes. Their blueberry cheesecake is wonderful.


I bought a cup of their hazelnut coffee today, it cost ¥12 ($2). A cup of coffee at the local Starbucks costs ¥27, more than twice that!


Bought some cherries off the back of a truck on a side street. My guess is that they came in from the countryside on that truck.


The sign reads:

Big Cherries
¥15 for two pounds
Sheesh they’re sweet!
First try them then buy

Tried them. Sheesh they were sweet. Not as sweet as bing cherries, but sweeter than tart cherries and just as flavorful.

And at $1.20 a pound, they were a lot cheaper than cherries cost in the supermarket in the States!

So of course I bought them.